PANAFRIINDABA works as a grassroots Pan-Afrikan Community Agency for People’s Self-Empowering Advocacy, Scholar-Activist Research and the revolutionary unity of Global Justice thought and action in all spheres of human endeavour. That is why it describes itself as a Pan-Afrikan Community Advocacy, Research and Think Tank. It engages primarily in Pan-Afrikan Community Advocacy at local, national and international levels from its operational headquarters in London, United Kingdom. Community Advocacy is its holistic Praxis by PANAFRIINDABA embraces Policy Work, Lobbying, Multimedia Communications, Voters’ Education and Registration, Peoples’ Empowerment through Concientization, People-to-Peoples’ Internationalist Diplomacy, Ubuntunkonso Link-Networking and many other sphers of Global Citizenship Education activism in promotion of MAATUBUNTUMAN and in furtherance of Global Justice for all.

Among its numerous other initiatives, projects and activities. PANAFRIINDABA also works with and/or through its fraternal organisations, institutions, networks, campaigns and alliances.

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