PANAFRIINDABA is a grassroots Pan-Afrikan Community Agency for Peoples’ Self-Empowering Advocacy, Scholar-Activist Research and the revolutionary unity of Global Justice thought and action.

PNAFRIINDABA facilitates Pan-Afrikan Community empowrement including teh use of education, culture, media, to strengthen principled Afrikan Unity in struggle for Global Justice. It works mainly through wde diversity of its allied and our partner organisations, campaigns and networks. Pan-Afrikan Knowledge integration into Global Citizenship education in all disciplines, fields and spheres of human endeavour is central to it promotion of culturally appropriate mural and extra0mural life long learning for all. The top-most priority task of PANAFRIINDABA now is winning recognition for and ensuring the proper recognition of governmental and non-governmental consultations,  of the Pan-Afrikan Community as a distinctively self-determining body politic of long historical presence among all the communities in Europe as elsewhere the further diaspora in the continent of Afrika. This includes highlighting students/scholar/activists/ contribution to the past and present continuing struggles against all forms of enslavement i order to advance total Pan-Afrikan Liberation, Black Empowerment and Global Justice for all. Accordingly, PANAFRIINDABA emphasises, self concientization, self-determination and self-empowerment in its promotion of grassroots initiatives of Pan-Afrikan community regeneration for sustainable World development, particularly those aimed at challenging Afriphobia and other forms of Global Apartheid Racism and securely respect Afrikan Human and Peoples’ as well as Mother Earth Rights, within the Reparations context of holistic Planet Repairs in furtherance of Global Justice for all.

PANAFRIINDABA has among its most valuable allied and/or partner  organisations EDIKANFO Pan-Afrikan Students and Internationalist Link (EDIKANFO-PAYSIL) and Planet Repairs Youth Positive Action Campaign (PRYPAC); the ADZEWAGBETO Pan-Afrikan Women’s Liberation Union( ADZEWAGBETO-PAWLU); the Grassroots Women’s Internationalist Solidarity Action Network (GWISAN); Pan-Afrikan Reparations Coalition in Europe (PARCOE); the AMANDLA Global Assemblies of Afrikan People’s Power (AMANDLA-GAAPP); the ASASEYAAMMA Pan-Afrikan Green Campaign for Global Justice; The Grassroots South North Internationalist Forum (GRASSNIF); Global Justice Forum (GJF) and People’s Internationalist Community Campaign for the Dignity of Labour (PICCDOL); and Rendevous of Victory InterFaith Study and Action Network (ROVIFSAN). PANAFRIINDABA is currently helping in reinvigorating the All-Afrika Students’ Union Link in Europe, (AASULE), with advocacy, media and capacity building expertise support for its Africlimate Environmental Justice Programme and the Community Support Programme for Afrika-related Education and Development (COSPARED). It is doing so with the assistance of Students’ Action for Global Justice Internationalist Society (SAGJIS) at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) of University of London. PANAFRIINDABA consistently provides support to the NUS-Black Students Campaign to enhance its strength as a Black Empowring Liberation Connexion between students and Pan-Afrikan Community of Resistance and its contingence of the Global Justice Movement. The PANAFRIINDABA sees itself as an advocacy agency of the International Social Movement for Afrikan Reparations (ISMAR) and its larger whole of the Peoples’ Reparation International Movement (PRIM).

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